ROAM is now a multi-disciplinary design office led by Bruce Kee.

ROAM also works with other companies on several projects, like ARB, Studio Joost Vermeulen, Studio Deep Blue and Willem Schutter.

ROAM began as ROAM Connections in 2001 as an architecture collective working out of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Alwin Reedijk and Bruce Kee started it. Joost Vermeulen joined the collective in 2011, after collaborating with Bruce Kee on several projects. Now Bruce Kee leads ROAM architects.


ROAM’s passion is to formulate architectural and design solutions for private assignments, social challenges and problems by creating concepts based on a strong analysis of the potentials of the assignment.

ROAM loves to work on both small and large assignments as they hold their own challenge and seek a specific design solution.

To optimize this process, if necessary, partnerships are set up with local stakeholders and interesting experts from the widest field possible. This urge towards extensive collaboration ensures that the support and participation from the clients and community is an essential part of the concepts and designs of ROAM.

Sustainability of the built environment is a given for ROAM. Sustainability is not an end in itself, but it manifests itself as an important component in our concepts and designs.

The distinctive architectural and urban designs are created from a study of the potential of the specific assignment and analysis of the resulting opportunities. The data and conclusions are used towards inventive and in the context inspired concepts and designs.

ROAM has done intensive research on residential-work typologies, urban education and retail concepts. ROAM will use this knowledge to set up new plans and research towards creating a better-built environment.

Designing is our passion.


ROAM is based in Amsterdam. Our projects can be found in The Netherlands and we are currently working on projects in Downtown Las Vegas. We are currently working on extending our client base.